The Spring Meeting

is our only in person meeting in most years - only one of the reasons that this event, 
which begins each year on Easter Monday, is so eagerly anticipated by our members. 
The COVID-19 pandemic which has held the world in thrall for over a year now has meant
that we have been unable to meet since our Warsaw meeting in 2019. But we are confident
that we will be able to do so in 2022 in COLOGNE.

Spring meetings are open to all Chapter Members of any status; additionally, non-members
may join us (place permitting) on payment of a fee equal roughly to the amount a Chapter Friend
pays annually in dues. All participants pay a small contribution to the costs of the week and are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs (a hotel is found which is prepared to
offer an unbeatable deal!) It's the best bargain in organ crawls, and all organs are available to be played by participants.


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